Orrell Lamberhead Green Primary Academy

Believe Endeavour Succeed Together

School Ethos

Orrell Lamberhead Green is a school where everyone tries to be their BEST.  Please take the time to explore our school aims and values


This term we are learning about Resilience. Here are three of our wonderful Y2 children to tell you what resilience is. 

School Values

Visitors to our school often comment that Orrell Lamberhead Green is like a stick of rock! This is because the same values run through the middle of everyone. 

Each half term, over a two year period,  we concentrate upon a value- something that is important to us- and talk about how that value influence our behaviour and our relationships with others.

Our values are:

Respect- we treat others and property as we would like to be treated

Love- we want what's BEST for others

Tolerance- we accept others and appreciate differences

Happiness- doing good things makes us happy with ourselves


Resilience- we don't give up even when things are hard

Every year, in the half term after Easter, we focus upon our school Motto- Believe Endeavour Succeed Together - in order to be the BEST we can be.