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Successful schools partnerships have shared values that are the foundation to all their work. Our Trust must be led by our shared values, creating an identity and shared accountability for what happens in our individual school and in all the other schools in the Trust; we should be as concerned abut the performance of a child in Y3 in another school as we are in our own. Our staff should be as proud to work for the Trust as they do for each individual school.

Research available on school partnerships tells us that successful partnership working between schools in multi-academy trusts is based on nine essential ingredients:

  • Shared values
    • Shared aims
    • A relentless focus on the quality of teaching, learning and assessment – a compelling curriculum, skilful pedagogy and rich assessment
    • A strong belief in the value and potential of every child, no matter what their background
    • A deep commitment to professional development across the whole Trust
    • Commitment to the success of other schools in the Trust as much as to the success of our own school – one for all and all for one
    • Quality assurance. That is, rigorous self-evaluation and peer review of the quality of work in all our schools
    • Sharing data and using it analytically to improve our performance, and
    • Using resources where they are most needed in the Trust

As an Academy Trust –we believe that collaboration, not competition, makes us stronger; that we can achieve more for our children as a group of schools than we can on our own

Collaboration will enable us
– to focus on the quality of teaching, learning and assessment;
– to have high aspirations and expectations – learning without limits
– to be innovative and to encourage responsible risk-taking; and
– to challenge each other continually to improve.


To become an Outstanding trust, we need to think beyond Ofsted and government guidelines to develop innovative partnerships that enables us to deliver the very best for every member of our Trust Leaders of Schools in the Trust believe that the Values that will enable us to become an Outstanding trust  are encapsulated in the words nurtured, enabled and empowered

The Greengate Trust where everyone is nurtured, enabled and empowered

  • Nurtured in their environment
  • Enabled to develop their skillset
  • Empowered through their choices


Being an Outstanding Trust means much more than the Ofsted criteria: outstanding means that

  • Our children will be confident, responsible, resilient and informed so that they are empowered to be their best within each school, the Trust and the wider world.


  • Our staff will develop reflective, professional relationships that enable competence and confidence to thrive through the nurturing and sharing of strengths and expertise.


  • Our Trust will be a nurturing community where collaboration, support, challenge and accountability, underpinned by honest dialogue, lead to sustained high outcomes for all