Orrell Lamberhead Green Primary Academy

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September additions to the behaviour policy

An appendix to our behaviour policy was formulated in June 2020 when the first groups of children returned to school.
In the appendix, we have had to change some of our expectations around pupils' behaviour and make these clear to all. In these times of heightened risk to our health, it is important that children and staff are aware that behaviour which jeopardises the health of others, is taken very seriously.

In addition to the school’s Golden Rules children must

• Follow all routines as directed by the staff in school
• Use only the equipment that is provided to them
• Keep their workstation tidy
• Stay within their bubbles
• Wash their hands regularly

In addition to the school’s Golden Rules children must not

• Share their equipment or touch the equipment of others
• Bring anything to school – other than their coat (hat if sunny), lunchbox and water bottle
• Leave their equipment in places where others could touch it
• Fail to wash hands before/after eating, after break and after coughing

There must be no coughing or spitting at or towards any other person in school. This rule also applies to pupils on their way to and from school.

In the event of a child refusing to adhere to the strict guidelines and/or whose actions cause staff and other children to feel vulnerable to catching the virus, parents will be informed and appropriate action taken.

Any pupil who commits serious or persistent breach of the new COVID-19 protection rules may be sanctioned by the headteacher using the full range of sanctions available, dependent on the seriousness of the breach, up to and including in extreme cases permanent exclusion.

For children with and EHCP, the school will identify any reasonable adjustments that need to be made for pupils.