Orrell Lamberhead Green Primary Academy

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September Arrangements for drop off/pick up
Children and families should ensure they are following social distancing guidelines whilst travelling to and from school. Please do not arrive before your drop off/pick up time as the school gates will be closed. If your child is wearing a Facemask, please make sure that you remove it (and store it carefully) before they enter school


Morning Drop Offs

As soon as children enter school, they wash their hands. We have a limited number of sinks and so to ease congestion and limit mixing between children, we will have staggered start times.

L’s will come into school between 8:40 and 8:50
G’s will be able to come into school between 8:55 and 9:05

It is important that children enter school within their allocated times. If the first group of children are late washing their hands, then this makes everyone late

It is also important that we do not have parents congregating at the school gates and that we limit the number of interactions across bubbles.


We would encourage only 1 parent/adult to drop off and collect to help minimise the number of adults on site. When you’ve dropped your child off, please leave the school grounds as quickly as possible.

Parents are expected to stay 2m away from other parents and from adults in school. For Y1 and Y2, this means that you will need to drop your child at the steps in the playground that go up to the classrooms. Don’t worry, there will be lots of familiar staff to welcome the children and guide them to their classrooms

Year groups maps

Please use these maps to plan your route around school.

Year 1

Year 2

Year 3

Year 4

Year 5

Year 6

If you have children in both L and G, and are worrying about the staggered start, you will probably find that if you drop your L child at 8:50am and then follow the route round school, you'll be in the right pace for your G child at 8:55am

What to do if you are late


Having staggered entry and exit times helps us to ensure adults accessing the school site can adequately distance from each other.

To do this we need parents/carers to do their best to stick to the entry/exit timings for their children. If you are late, you may find the doors to school are closed and you will need to follow the link below.


What to do if you are late



End of the day – Collection

To ensure we are minimising contact and ensuring social distancing at the end of the day staggered collection times also apply

L’s day will end at 3:10
G’s day will end at 3:25

Don’t worry if you have 2 children to pick up at 3:10 or 3:25 in different parts of the school. We won’t let them go without you, just do your best to get there as quickly as possible
The children will be brought out to their parent/adult at their allocated time- don’t worry, we won’t let them go unaccompanied.

Parents are requested to wait in the areas indicated on the maps. Once your child’s class has been brought out and you have collected your child, please leave the school site as quickly as possible to allow the next group of parents to collect their children.

Please can parents ensure they are on time to ensure a swift collection. 

Please note we will review the drop off/collection arrangements regularly in September to ensure they are working effectively and we are happy with the safety precautions in place. Please be aware we will make amendments to timings if we feel it is necessary.