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School Admission Arrangements



Admission Arrangements

Parents are welcome to visit the school at any time to register their interest. The parents of children who are to begin school for the first time in September are invited to a meeting in school. It is possible during this visit to discuss with members of staff any concerns you may have. Arrangements can also be made with the Headteacher/ Deputy Headteacher to discuss confidentially any issues regarding your child and his/her education. Children and parents are invited into school prior to starting in September to participate in three sessions with the class teacher as part of our INSPIRE programme

Admissions Policy

Orrell Lamberhead Green Community School converted to an academy on 1st November 2016 and the local authority is the relevant body that controls admissions. Admission to the school will be made in accordance with parental preference subject to the following criteria in order of priority. The Governors must comply with the Governments maximum class size legislation. This means that the school cannot operate classes in Reception and Key Stage 1 of more than 30 children. When the number of applications exceeds the number of places available the Governors will apply over subscription criteria.

The school's standard admission number is 60.

The admission number for the year commencing 1st September 2016 shall be 60.

Admissions to the school will be made in accordance with the following priorities:

  1. Children with a Statement of Special Educational Needs which names the school.
  2. Children who are in public care.
  3. Children whose older brothers or sisters attend the school and who will still be there at the time of admission.
  4. Children living closest to the school. Distance is measured on an ordnance survey map in a straight line.

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In the event of oversubscription in any one of the above criteria priority will be given to those living nearest to the school in a straight line.


Parents who have not been allocated a place for their child have recourse to an appeal procedure as stated in the Wigan Council "Admission to Primary Schools" Handbook.