Orrell Lamberhead Green Academy

Believe Endeavour Succeed Together

Kershaw Street, Wigan, Lancashire, WN5 0AW



Aims & Mission

It is our aim to ensure that our children leave our school highly literate, numerate and socially capable.

This aim is underpinned by the following beliefs

Firstly, children get one chance in life to be at school and it is our job to make sure that they get the BEST from this chance.As a result we will ensure they have access to excellent teaching and the opportunity to learn in every lesson every day

Secondly, that school should be for our least fortunate child what home is for our most fortunate child. Fortunate children grow up in homes where they are loved and supported and as a result they develop confidence and self-esteem. We will ensure that all our children experience these positive relationships in school, leaving us with confidence, a positive out-look and warm memories.

Thirdly, our children face uncertain future- it's hard to predict the jobs that will be open to them or the technology they will be required to work with. So in addition to ensuring they achieve high standards in English and Maths, we will ensure they can work with autonomy, flexibility and  resilience 

 With these beliefs in mind we will:


  • Provide the nurture,support,guidance and adaptation to enable each child to thrive
  • Promote children's well being both physically and emotionally
  • Be consistent in our policies and practice
  • Make each child feel important and valued
  • Provide stimulation and challenge within an environment where it is acceptable to learnfrom mistakes
  • Enable children to make a positive contribution to their community through developing a sense of pride and respect for themselves and others
  • Develop confident individuals who can achieve their high aspirations


Believe - Endeavour - Succeed - Together