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Beginning and end of day arrangements

We have safeguarding concerns regarding the collection of children at the end of the school day.

Some parents are coming to the office towards the end of the day to collect their children early.  Staff who should be supporting the safe exit of classes of children are then having to bring up children to the office, reducing the numbers of staff overseeing the safe handover to parents of the whole class.  If you will be collecting your child early to attend an appointment, you should arrange to collect them before 3:00pm to ensure all staff are then able to fully supervise the safe handover of classes at the end of the day. If you will be collecting before 3:00pm, please send a note into your child’s class teacher in the morning.

Children will not be able to be collected from the office after 3:00pm unless in an emergency situation.

Similarly, some parents are telephoning the office late in the afternoon to change the arrangements regarding who their child is to go home with. We are concerned that sometimes these messages are coming so late that we can’t get them to the right teachers in time.  If you are changing your child’s usual end of day arrangement please send a note in with your child.

Arrangements for collection at the end of the day (see below) cannot be changed after 3pm unless in an emergency situation.


Beginning of the school day

8.45 am – Junior Doors will be opened and children can come into class

8.45am – Infant Doors will be opened

Staff will be positioned on the doors so that parents may pass any information/messages to teachers

8:55 am (Key Stage 2)/ 9.00 am (Key Stage 1) - Official Start to day. Teacher to take register promptly.


Arriving on time is equally as important as being in school.

Doors to school are open from 8:45am and are locked at 8:55am. 

Registers close at 8:55am in KS2 and 9:00 am in KS1. Arriving after this time means you child is late.  If you are late you MUST come into school through the office. All children must be signed in by an adult.


Children arriving late can feel anxious when walking into class.  If you are having problems getting your child into school on time please speak to  someone at school for help and advice.

Over the school year random late gates will be undertaken; this involves working with outside agencies and carrying out spot checks outside of school. A record will be kept of those arriving late and the reason why. Should your child be late coming into school please make sure they are brought in by an adult.


End of the school day

3.20pm - End of school for Key Stage 1 and Foundation Stage.  Staff will see children out to the waiting parents

In the Infants (FS/KS1) children will remain seated on either the carpet or chairs and an adult (teacher or TA) will open the door to parents. As the school-adult recognises the parent/carer here to collect a child, the child’s name will be called and the child handed over to the parent/carer.

We ask that if someone unknown to the school is collecting the child; you send a written note to school so that this can be given to the adult releasing the children.

3:25pm End of day for Key Stage 2 pupils. Y3, Y4, Y5 children walk out of school via the external doors as agreed at start of year .  Children should only use the front door when leaving the school after an ‘after school activity’ or if agreed with the Headteacher.

In Lower KS2 (Y3 and Y4) teachers will accompany children to the door they exit the building from. Children will be asked to inform the member of staff who they are leaving with.

In Y5 teachers will accompany children to the door and remind them that if there is no one here to collect them, they must return to school doors and must not leave the premises.

In Y6 children will leave from the classroom door and be reminded that if the adult who usually collects them is not there, they are to return to school.

 If a parent with a child in Y5 or above wishes their child to walk home without an adult, they must inform school in writing at the start of the school year.