Welcome to Orrell Lamberheadgreen Community Primary School.



Successful Futures

By any measure Orrell Lamberhead Green is a great school!

  • 80% of our Y1 children passed the Phonics screening test compared with 60% of Y1 children nationally.
  • Our Y2 children’s attainment is above the average attainment of Wigan and NationalSchools.
  • Our Y6 attainment is now classed as “significantly above” that of all schools nationally.

But most importantly, and in the words of Ofsted (Feb 2012)


Children “thrive” at this school


Our success comes from our hard work and dedication to ensure that all children get the BEST out of their time at Orrell Lamberhead Green. Staff, children and families work together to ensure that our school provides a safe, caring and fun environment in which children achieve their BEST.

Obviously, we place a great deal of importance on academic achievement. Ensuring our children leave us with high levels of Literacy and Numeracy is our number one priority. However, to fully prepare our children for a successful future, we need to ensure they develop a strong set of core values and have great social and emotional skills. Old fashioned manners matter at Lamberhead Green, as does the ability to get along with each other and share fun times.


We want our children to leave us with great academic achievements, self-confidence and warm memories.


Our academic attainment can be found in the public domain through the DFE’s KS2 performance tables


And our Ofsted Report can be found on their website



We hope our Website/Facebook pages will give you the other information you need regarding the wider aspects of life at Orrell Lamberhead Green; particularly the fun times!

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