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End of term Celebrations


Foundation Stage Graduation

Foundation Stage graduation is usually  an opportunity to celebrate all that our children have achieved in their first year at school.

Our children wear caps and gowns, and are given a Graduation certificate not because it’s cute (though it undoubtedly is) but because we want to impress upon them that this is just the start of their journey. In the future, we want to see them back showing us their certificates of what they’ve achieved and their new graduation caps and gowns.


We can't do that this year, so here is a video Miss Fairhurst has prepared to celebrate the time we had  with them. 




When I was thinking about becoming a Headteacher, I had a notion that I'd have the PROUD song played in my school everyday! I'd ask the children everyday to think about what they were proud of and this would help them be the BEST they could be.

Obviously, this wasn't practical and wasn't one of my better ideas (I have a lot of them). So, building it into the FS graduation and revisiting it in the Y6 leaver assembly became really important to me.

So, while we don't play this every day in school, I am proud of my school every day. Our children have proved themselves to be valiant through these difficult times.
The staff work so hard to enable our children to be the very BEST they can be. Everyone who comes to our school comments on how happy our children are and that's because we are a family. We may have the odd fall-out or disagreement, but underneath everything we love each other. We want the BEST for each other.

So, enjoy the videos that we post this week but remember, every single one of our children is special to us and everyday they make us proud.

And finally- here are our unique 6O. the only Os in the school, so always that bit extra special!

6L -Here's your first year in school