Y3 Home Learning 


Home learning Changes- to help you manage the workload, we’re going to switch from posting daily on the website to posting weekly. 

Each week, you’ll get an overview with suggestions for Maths and English work for the week. Any additional worksheets will be posted alongside the overview.

We’ll also post two wider curriculum plans that are to cover the period from now till half term (or when we reopen, whichever comes first)
What we would like to encourage if you engage in the wider curriculum learning, is that children learn and develop some key knowledge and understanding of the unit which you may revisit and come back to as a family so that this knowledge is remembered by children over time.

By publishing all the work we’re suggesting at the same time, we hope this will help parents best choose how to manage the time that you have, rather than worrying about having to keep up each day.

As a daily expectation, we are encouraging children to spend at least 15 minutes on each of the following:


  • Enjoy reading a book together
  • Learn spellings
  • IDL (Y2-6)
  • TTRockstars/Numbots
  • Practise handwriting
  • Daily Exercise 


The schedules TT Rock Stars sessions have been updated to support home learning in Year 3, 4 and 5. The new scheduled TT Rock Stars sessions have been planned for Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. The sessions will start at 7.00am and finish at 9.00pm. The children should complete all the sessions as part of their daily TT Rock Stars practice.

On Tuesdays and Thursdays, children should practice their tables on the other modes on TT Rock Stars. Garage mode moves through levels, Arena and Festival are multiplayer and Sound check is limited to 6 seconds to answer and is out of 25. All of these activities will help improve the speed and recall of the multiplication tables which will, in turn, help with their other maths activities.