Here at Lamberhead Green Academy we work hard to ensure that every one of our students reaches their full educational and social potential. We are aware that occasionally it may be necessary for children to be absent from school but we do ask for support in ensuring your child’s regular attendance.  In order for your child to achieve an expected attendance percentage of at least 95% they should have no more than 9.5 days absence in any school year. Sometimes, parents can be unaware of how “odd day / sessions of absence” adds up to a significant amount.


We will inform your regularly of your child's attendance in school using the following codes:










92.4% OR BELOW

·         Your child’s attendance is of grave concern.

·         The Education welfare service may become involved      (this could result in prosecution with a fine of up to £2500. and /or 3 months imprisonment.

·         Your child may have a medical condition that we are unaware of.






92.5% - 95.4%

·         Your child’s attendance is being closely monitored.

·         You should consider contacting the school to discuss your child’s attendance.

·         You should take steps to reduce any further absence which could put your child into the new category.

·         Your child may be placed on a pupil profile.






95.6% - 99.9%

·         Your child’s attendance is not a cause for concern; we aim for all students to fall into this category.

·         Your child should be making good progress.

  • Your child’s attendance should be celebrated and rewarded






 CONGRATULATIONS! Your child has not had a day off school.

Keep it up


Reporting your child absent

If your child is going to be absent you must ring 01942 768760 (option 1) and leave a message with the reason why your child is absent.

As a school, the welfare of our children is important. We follow a clear process when confirming why a child is absent.

  1. Registers are taken in class, any late or absence messages are updated through the office.
  2. If no message has been received a text message will be sent to the first contact asking you to contact the school.
  3. If no message is received the school will try to contact you by phone to find out why your child is absent.
  4. If we are unable to contact  the first/second contact we have, then a home visit will be carried out.
  5. If after a home visit we still have been unable to contact anyone then we may need to report your child as missing to the police.