At Lamberhead Green Primary School, we seek to provide a safe, secure and positive environment in which children and adults can grow and develop, making full use of the range of facilities available to them.

We are committed to a value system within which children and adults involved with them are entitled to be treated with respect and understanding and to participate without fear of intimidation. Any behaviour that undermines this is unacceptable.

We seek to ensure that those acting on behalf of our school will:
• Actively listen to children
• Act appropriately on information received in order to ensure that a safe, secure and positive environment exists.

All our children have the right to feel secure, to be able to trust without fear, and to expect protection from adults in positions of care and responsibility. They also have a basic right to take full part in their education in an environment that does not subject them to cruelty or create despair.

 All bullying is unacceptable, regardless of how it is delivered or what excuse are given to justify it.

Victims of bullying will be treated in a supportive manner, and their case heard in an atmosphere of positive concern.  

Anti Bullying Policy