Curriculum Intent

Our curriculum is built to support, inspire and prepare our children for their future.

Support: We recognise the importance of an ambitious and bespoke curriculum which enables all our children to thrive.  We quickly identify each child’s unique starting point and ensure the foundations for learning are fully embedded through quality speaking and listening and a focus on early reading success.  Children are supported to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to be life-long learners.  This includes an awareness of how to ensure their own physical and social emotional well-being for future stability and success.  We promote positive behaviours and ensure a safe learning environment for all. As children move through school, new learning is embedded with regular practice and review.  We value a strong and supportive home-school relationship which is essential to a child’s future success. 

Inspire: We want all our children to be ambitious for their future; to have experiences which open up new ideas and a passion to pursue a future path which will bring them happiness and fulfilment in life.  Through a broad and diverse curriculum and a wide-ranging extra-curricular offer, we aim to provide opportunity to develop new interests, identify talents and promote a thirst for learning.

Prepare: We believe a quality education is the key to future success.  Our children benefit from a deliberately planned, ambitious curriculum which is tailored to their needs.  Preparing our children for the next step in their personal and academic journey is an essential part of what we do.  We take pride in knowing our children and families and ensure all our children are provided with our BEST each and every day. 



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