Orrell Lamberhead Green Primary Academy

Believe Endeavour Succeed Together

Something to look forward to!

You might remember, in the past Ive spoken to you about my Grandad who came from Lithuania.


Ive told you that when he and his family first came to England, they changed their surname from Evosketis to Miller so that they would fit in more and be more accepted by everyone. We’ve talked about how, now that we know the importance of tolerance and working together, if his family came to England today, they wouldn’t have to change their name to fit in.


Sadly, my grandad died fighting as a British solider in WW2. Which meant my dad was only a small boy when his dad died. When he was a grown man, my dad went to Lithuania to visit the places where my Grandad’s family lived and he tried to find out more about them.


When he came home, my dad brought me a doll from Lithuania. The doll is wearing the folk costume from Lithuania. A folk costume is a traditional dress which shows where you belong to or where you come from. A little bit like a school uniform.


Most of us are not wearing our school uniform at the moment and that’s why it’s very important that we keep displaying our values so that people know that we belong to Lamberhead Green.

But, exciting news! From September, we will all be wearing our uniform because we will all be back in school. I’m meeting with Mrs Liptrot, Mr McNaboe, Mrs Gaskell and Mrs Armstrong to plan how we can bring you back to school as safely as possible. We can’t wat to see you all again soon.

Until then keep binging respectful, keep being loving, keep being tolerant, keep being resilient and keep being happy because those are the things that show where we come from


Stay safe

I'll see you soon



Mrs Chambers


Mrs Chambers nominates James Duggan
James has been really supportive to his family while he has been at home. He has a family member who has had to shield and James has been really responsible n following all the may different lockdown rules, helping to keep his family safe.

Mrs Gaskell would like to nominate Riley Kelly
Recently Riley learned to ride his bike. I was impressed with Riley because even though he couldn't do it straight away, he persevered until he mastered this important skill. I loved seeing your video on facebook. Well done Riley.

Miss Gaskell nominates Dom Greenall from 1L.
Dom has impressed his teachers with the work he has produced at home. Dom learnt about Neil Armstrong at home; he made an A3 poster containing lots of facts, designed his own rocket and even used Google 3D to have a photograph with an astronaut suit. Dom, you're a superstar! I believe he has also been helping his sister, Caitlin in Year 3, with her home learning.


Mrs Boardman nominates Mia Robinson.
Mia has been in school recently and she has been in a bubble with children and teachers she doesn't usually work with. She has been fantastic during her time in school. She has followed instructions and made everyone smile.

Mr Jarvis nominates Billy-Jo Cunliffe.
Bliiy-Jo is absolutely amazing: kind, honest, caring, funny, bright - an all round superstar. My lockdown experience has been made immeasurably better simply because Billy has always been in my group/bubble.

Mrs Armstrong nominates Theo Gill.
Theo was been a delight to speak to during lock down. Always chatty and excited to tell me what he has been up to. It was really lovely to hear about all the new foods Theo has been trying over the last few weeks. I am really proud of this achievement.

Miss Dodd nominates Rubie Morris
Rubie has shown real resilience in her work whenever she is in school. She has improved her spelling and her maths whilst being in bubble 7 and she is also a delight to teach. Well done Rubie

Mrs Liptrot nominates Caydan Sharpe.
He is polite, kind and conscientious. His behaviour in school is always exemplary and he is a super role model for others. It is always lovely to see him as even on rainy mornings he has a smile to brighten the day.

Mrs Fish nominates Noah Harrison.
Noah has shown patience at home waiting for the fruits he planted to grow. Noah has enjoyed eating strawberries and raspberries and watering his plants!
What a great skill to learn, you definitely deserve valiant values.

Miss Killilea nominates Amber Prescott-
Amber has astounded us in bubble 13, she’s a true joy to have in the classroom and she’s downright hilarious too! She’s a ray of sunshine in our room and she makes us smile and laugh every single day. She’s the oldest in our bubble and she’s amazing with the younger ones in our room and is so kind and thoughtful towards them. Amber, thank you for being you!

Miss Benson nominates Robyn Jackson-
It’s been an absolute pleasure to have Robyn in bubble 13. She brightens up our day with her gorgeous smile and dance moves on the playground. Her work ethic is second to none and she is so kind and considerate to everyone. She’s the youngest in our group and has tackled everything with such determination. Well done Robyn, you’re a superstar!

Miss Mahoney nominates Demi-Leigh Bimson.
Demi-Leigh has shown true resilience and determination during these difficult times. She has worked hard on her home learning and has also been helping her younger brother with his. Demi-Leigh is currently working through her collection of Roald Dahl books to keep up with her reading skills. Well done Demi-Leigh. I am very proud of you.

Miss Hesketh nominates Harrison Fairhurst.
Harrison has started in reception this week and he has loved every minute! He is kind, caring and plays beautifully with the other children in class. He works hard on all of his drawings and takes lots of pride in his work. Well done Harrison!

Mrs Lloyd would like to nominate Isla Burke:
Throughout lockdown, Isla has attended school nearly every week and still continues to do so. She has been a ray of sunshine to have in class and has grown in confidence. She no longer sits quietly and waits to be asked to join in games she now instigates them. Isla has also been a perfect role model considering she has been with different aged children, who she has been teamed with over the weeks. She is an absolute credit to her family and our school! Keep being the new confident Isla!

Mrs Thomson would like to nominate Zara Tilley.
Zara has shown all of our school values throughout these unprecedented times. She has attended school throughout lockdown and she has shown great resilience and adapted to a different school environment. She has collaborated academically and socially with Year six. She is a pleasure teach, is a a very kind, caring and conscientious and a great role model of bubble 9. Zara is ready for Year 4 In September.

Miss Alford nominates Tyler Winstanley Barnes.
He has been a superstar over the past 2 weeks at home. He has shown strength, courage and bravery! Well done Tyler I am proud of you!

Mr Young nominates Mason Watson:
Every time Mr Young phones Mason he sounds so positive and extremely cheerful despite being in lock down. His super, positive attitude really cheers me up and makes me smile. He's also doing a sterling job completing his online tasks - a real super star!

Mrs Shaw nominates Ollie Tickle.
Ollie has worked just as hard at home as he usually would in school! He has a good routine and completes home learning each morning then does something more physical in the afternoon. During this time, Ollie has learned to ride his bike without stabilisers. I am so proud of his hard work!

Miss Perry nominates Elkie Boux Hanson
Elkie is a wonderful little girl with a huge golden heart. During lockdown, she has missed her teachers and friends so much. Her mummy says that Elkie loves her phone calls off Miss Perry and is interested in what I’ve been doing and even what bike I had when I was little. Elkie has enjoyed learning to ride her bike and is nearly ready to take her stabilisers off. You can do it Elkie!

Mrs Prior nominates - Emily and Neve Haydock.
Both girls have come to school every day. They are always polite, well-mannered and always got a smile when I see them.
Mrs Morris nominate Lola Gregory
She has been working incredibly hard on her home learning and is always challenging herself to do better. She has such a positive attitude to everything she does and always has lots to tell Mrs Morris whenever she speaks to her. She recently looked after some tadpoles and made sure they were returned safely when they were ready. Well done Lola for being so kind and caring!

Mrs McNamara nominates Jake Crawshaw.
Jake has been amazing in bubble 7 . He is always trying to help others and he is great at following all the new rules in school. We love his amazing smiles and giggles everyday.
He's been working hard on his 10 times tables too, using Hit the Button and he's smashing it!


Mr Macdonald nominates Jack Newman.
Since the lockdown began Jack has been producing some wonderful arts and crafts at home. It has been wonderful to see Jack flourish in the arts.

Mrs Ainscough-Wright nominates Holly Murray
Mrs. Ainscough-Wright would like to nominate Holly for keeping a positive attitude and doing her best to keep herself happy. She has been listening to music and reading - remembering: reading gives us a place to go when we have to stay where we are. Keep smiling Holly!


Miss Fairhurst for Lacey-Mae Potter

Lacey-Mae has settled really well back into school this week, she has enjoyed doing her work, and being creative and has been a lovely friend by making sure that everyone is ok and not left out. Lacey-Mae always has a big smile on her face. X Miss Fairhurst

Mr Simpson would like to nominate Brodie Chadwick
Brodie a fantastic role model around school. Brodie is a very kind and considerate member of bubble 8. Brodie always helps the adults in her bubble by reminding people to socially distance and therefore helping to keep them safe. She is a delight to teach and continues to work hard everyday in class! Well done Brodie!

Mrs Hurst and Mrs Smith also nominate Brodie Chadwick. She is a smiling face on a Friday morning in Bubble 8. She is a pleasure to have in class and completes all her work with enthusiasm. She is always happy and loves a good boogie

Mrs Hughes would like to nominate Saven Wengappuli . He is kind boy who always does everything that's asked of him and more with a big smile on his face. He loves trying new things and works extremely hard . I have loved watching his home learning journey in lockdown and all the new things he has tried and achieved.